All Write RVA was founded by Ayoka Boyce, aka Author Nikki P. Serene. Based out of Richmond VA. It hosts writing events , challenges and book blog tour stops for authors.

Ayoka has always served as a mentor. She spent many years as a youth leader within the local church as well as a recognized Student Mentor in college. When the parents and students in church asked for writing help to pass standardized state testing, she founded All Write RVA, a writing mentoring service that pairs writers of all genres and levels with experienced writers.

Ayoka Boyce aka Nikki P. Serene is an Urban Christian-Fiction and Christian Non-Fiction Author, penned (under Nikki P Serene) Forsaking All Others (2015) and Forsaking All Others, To Have and To Hold (2015) and A Love Conversation (2016).

A lifelong a New Yorker, Ayoka now resides in Richmond, Virginia

You can connect with me for interviews, speaking engagements, seminars, radio and guest blogging:

Mailing address:  106 Liberty Avenue Richmond, VA 23223

By phone: 804-212-4283

By email: ayoka.boyce71@gmail.com or a.boyce@allwriterva.org

Websites: www.allwriterva.org

Author site: www.authorserene.com

Blog site: morningcoffeeanddailyinspirations.wordpress.com

MORE Magazine: MORE Magazine


Follow me on Social Media:

Facebook.com/ Ayoka Author-nikkipserene Boyce

Twitter: @AyokaBoyce

Periscope: @Ayokaboyce


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