5 reasons why you should do the Blogging Challenge

So you are considering doing the 14 Day Blogging Challenge with me. I think that is awesome.

Since I have been published many people have asked me how to get started writing their book.  I usually propose this question, “Have you thought about starting a blog?”If you want to write a book, writing a blog can be a great resource. Here are my top 5 reasons

There is no secret gimmick here. You have a book inside of you but the task of writing one can be intimidating. Have you wondered if you have what it takes to write an entire book?

  1. A scheduled blog will keep you writing. If you schedule your blog for once or twice a week, you will have written at least once or twice a week. Keeping a writing schedule can be challenging and blogging can help you to develop the habit of keeping the schedule.
  2. Your blog can be focused. Your blog can center on the theme of your book. Your blog can give you time for research. This is material that you will have already prepared for your book.
  3. Your blog is a published journal of your progress. Many writers have journals. If you are not one to commit to writing in a journal, then a blog is a great alternative. Another plus is actually seeing your writing published.
  4.  Your blog will build your audience. The sooner you begin this task the better. It takes time to gain readers. If you are faithful to your blog, your audience will be anticipating the release of your book. And this leads me to point number 5…
  5. Your blog will accelerate your book progress. Anticipation, knowing that you have readers waiting for your book, will help you to focus on the larger project. You will be in the habit of writing and that is always a great place to be.

Are you ready to sign up? I encourage you to go ahead and give the challenge a try. Click this link to sign up.


If you are still unsure, comment below and let me know if there is any way I can assist.

By the way…Some free blogging sites to get you started: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace

Get Started. Get Finished.

Ayoka Boyce




2 thoughts on “5 reasons why you should do the Blogging Challenge

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  2. Pingback: 5 reasons why you should to the Blogging Challenge | Jump Start Your Day!

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