Four Simple Tips to Help You Create Your Blog.


Blogging should be informative,  and contain good useful content.
When creating your blog remember these four tried and true rules…

  1.  People are drawn to numbers. Whenever possible, include numbers in your title and in your content. Here are three examples:
    • Top Five reasons why you must blog now.
    • Three changes that helped me lose thirty pounds
    • Five simple ways to increase your credit score
  2. Make your blog personal. Your reader wants to relate to your experiences and learn how you were successful.
    • Stay interactive with your reader by using words like “I” and “you”
  3. Make sure your blog isn’t too lengthy. Your blog shouldn’t take longer than 3 minutes to read.
    • If you have more than 5 points, consider turning your blog into a series
    • Include a picture. Pictures can be effective in relaying your message. Remember, they are “worth a thousand words.”
  4. End your blog with a question or a challenge. Your readers will think about your blog long after they have read it. Readers,  read the comments as much,  if not more than the actual content.
    • Be sure to interact with those who comment. Answer questions and stay positive.

Are you ready for this challenge? I totally believe that you can do this.  Let me know what some of your expectations are. Feeling hesitant? Let me know what your concerns are.

Remember this challenge is not to intimidate you,  but to motivate and to push you forward into greatness.

14 day Blogging Challenge.  

Get started. Get finished.

Ayoka Boyce is a published author (aka Nikki P. Serene), blogger, writing coach and Mentor. She is the founder of All Write RVA, a not for profit organization that promotes writing and literacy.

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