5 Musts Before Publishing your Blog

Your blog is your conversation. These are your words and they will represent you. You can gain and connect with your audience using these 5 simple steps.

  1. What’s in a name – Your Title

You have written your blog, but now you have to ‘sell’ it to your audience. The best way to get someone to click on the link to open it, is to give your blog a compelling title.Use phrases that include numbers or catch phrases

“7 ways to do…”,

“How to get the interview…”

 Or use power words such as

“The ultimate …”,

“The beginner’s…”

“Awesome ways you can…”

  1. Transparency

Share your story! You have an awesome title, now let your audience know the reasons why you can attest to it.

If you blog about the “Top 5 healthy restaurants in Richmond”, then talk about your experiences. Did you go with your family? Maybe you went with your significant other? Do the restaurants give you fond memories of your childhood? Weave your personality in your words.

You are more than a reviewer. You are the author and the expert. Your audience wants to hear your voice.

  1. Call to action

Encourage a conversation. If you wrote about those Top 5 healthy restaurants, your call to action might wrap up like this.

“These are my top 5 but I haven’t tried them all. Is your favorite restaurant in my top five? If not, type in your favorite restaurants in RVA. They just might make my next top 5 list.”

  1. The ability to share

Make sure your reader can share your blog. My true story… A few months ago I wrote a blog and shared the link on Facebook. I received a few likes, I don’t remember if anyone commented. However, a friend shared the blog on her Twitter page. Somehow, (I still don’t know how) the share triggered something on the internet and the blog was published inside of an international online newspaper. Amazing!

  1. Grammar

You can have the BEST content, but if your blog is full of obvious spelling and grammatical errors, then your blog’s credibility will plummet.

Before you publish, copy and paste your blog into editminion.com. This free site will show you grammar issues, weak words, even frequently used words. It will also highlight homonyms such as ‘their’ and ‘there’ so that you can be sure you use the correct word.

Once your grammar is set, copy and paste your blog into www.spellcheckonline.com

 All set? Go ahead and hit that publish button. Share your blog with Social Media. Use these hashtags so that we can follow your blog. 

#14daybloggingchallenge    #allwriterva


Ayoka Boyce is a published author (aka Nikki P. Serene), blogger, writing coach and Mentor. She is the founder of All Write RVA, a not for profit organization that promotes writing and literacy.

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