One story behind Forsaking all Others

I can hardly believe this, but it is coming up on the one year anniversary of publishing Forsaking all Others.

I love reading Urban Fiction, the reality of it all. It is raw uncut and uncensored, much like life. I do attempt to read Christian Literature also, but the two genres are so different. I wanted to mix the two, so I wrote the type of book that I wanted to read.I talked about the taboo, or that’s what I thought.

Not long after publishing Forsaking all Others, there was a tragedy. A stranger entered a church in South Carolina. After participating in the Bible Study, he opened fire and killed several members, including the Pastor of the church. This was nearly identical to the tragedy that happened in the Forsaking All Others…

A tiny crack of space from the side of the cabinet gave Keith all of the visual he needed. Patiently, he waited until all of the offering and tithes envelopes had been opened. When he saw that all of the cash was on the table, he stepped out from behind the cabinet.

The elderly trustee that had been facing the wall of the cabinet was the first to see the man with the gun. The horrible reality was written on his face, but he was unable to speak.

“You see a ghost?” One of the deacons joked. When he noticed the man’s face was full of terror, he turned around to see the masked gunman in the room. He wanted to pinch himself awake. Surely they weren’t being robbed.

Without saying a word, Keith handed this deacon the ties. It would be his job to bind the rest of the men in the room. Keith kept his gun pointed at the man. The deacon did his job but he also knew that he couldn’t tie himself. He mentally prepared himself to make a move for the gun. He had already sized up the masked gunman. He was sure he could take him and be the hero of the day.

Keith tossed the backpack on the table so the deacon could fill it with the money. Once he was sure that the money and the four other men were secure, Keith motioned for the deacon to hold out his hands. As he reached in to place the tie on the man’s wrist, the deacon lunged forward.

Keith reacted quicker. He smacked the cold, hard steel across the man’s head causing him to fall to the floor. The deacon was knocked out cold.

The force of the hit caused Keith’s finger to slip. Unknowingly, his finger fired the gun. The single bullet hit the terrified elderly trustee in the chest. The man took a deep breath as he felt the hot bullet penetrate his chest. Tied up, he couldn’t grab for his chest. He could do nothing but stare at his shooter.

Keith watched in disbelief. For a second there was nothing, and then the perfect round red dot appeared. The circle grew larger and the man’s blood poured from his body to the floor. Keith reached over and closed the man’s eyes. It was already too late to save him.

One man dead and another man unconscious. Keith didn’t need any more mess ups. He scooped up bag. With his gun still pointed at the three tied-up men, he slipped out the door, making sure he placed the lock on it as it closed.

To those who lost their lives in the true and terrible tragedy, continue to Sleep in Peace. My prayers are still with your families and your loved ones.

Forsaking All Others


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Ayoka Boyce is a published author (aka Nikki P. Serene), blogger, writing coach and Mentor. She is the founder of All Write RVA, a not for profit organization that promotes writing and literacy.

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