My most difficult truth – I’m gaining it all back

“I’m real cute in the face and thick in the waist.”

I admit that I enjoy saying that about myself. It is a easy cover up. But there is no more covering up the truth

Today, I faced another truth. I did the one thing that I was afraid to do. I got on the scale. I should have done this 6 months ago, or 3 years ago. I thought that it would send me to tears or that I would be outraged by the number.

I did not cry and I did not pass out. I did not yell at the nurse.  I accepted this as my starting point.

Is one month a reasonable amount of time to lose ten pounds?

That was the question that I asked the nurse. She was so supportive. “Absolutely. One month is the perfect amount of time to lose ten pounds. Forget about that number you just saw on the scale. Right now, your goal is ten”.

I think I can do this. I know I can do this. Ten pounds by May 13th 2016

Ohhh, were you looking for the number? You know I had to leave a little suspense. Watch my weigh in here and find out.

1st weigh in. I’m Gaining it all Back



#14daybloggingchallenge #allwriterva

Ayoka Boyce is a published author (aka Nikki P. Serene), blogger, writing coach and Mentor. She is the founder of All Write RVA, a not for profit organization that promotes writing and literacy.


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