My truth – I never believed that I possessed power.
I’m used to hearing no. I’m used to people and situations having control over me. And I’ve grown accustomed to being denied.

I needed an area in my life where no one could tell me what to do. No one could control my decisions. So when  life denied me the love that I desired,  I ate. And when positions and opportunities skipped over me and were favorable to others,  I ate. When men would choose to love others and comfortable with making me the ‘side chick’,  I ate.

My choices to eat were my choices. I had full control. No one could tell me what I can or cannot have. No one can tell me how much I can have. I can prepare it or buy it the way I want. My cooking skills are off the chain. I thrived in my misery.

This week,  I said no for the first time in years.

  • No. Fast food is not my only choice of food.
  • No. I really don’t want a second helping.
  • No.  I don’t want to wait to get started.
  • No. I’m not going to be ashamed to do this and blog publicly.
  • No. I don’t want to try any weight loss gimmicks or fads.
  • No. I won’t allow defeat.
  • No. I’m not going to shopping this weekend for some larger sized outfits.
  • No.  I’m not going to fail in achieving every one of my goals.
  • No.  I’m not going to destroy my temple

This week, I gained authority. People and situations do not get control over my life.  I have the power to say NO.



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