Victory! I’m Gaining it all Back

Today,  my boss gave me a great nugget of advice. He said that I should break down my goals into very small tasks. Then celebrate each victory,  each and every time.

We were actually talking about credit. His point was simple,  I could attempt to tackle very large credit items,  and wait for months before I see success. Or I can strategically break down to immediately pay off smaller items.

This was his point. ..

Success is a motivator. When we win,  we press to win more.  When we don’t win, well, the press to finish isn’t so great. After all,  who wants to continue to look at slow progress with little success.

It is important to going to celebrate our wins. And as far as my healthy journey,  I don’t have to wait for large numbers in order to celebrate my victory.

That being said… I am celebrating a two pound loss!  Two pounds off of my body means I have eliminated at least 7000 calories out of my diet. The meal preps are working. The exercises are working. Getting more sleep and taking my vitamins is working.Even this blog is working. It is my accountability.

Today,  I gained the opportunity to celebrate success.




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