Grazing? I’m not a Cow

Short blog – Today was one of those days when I had to admit the truth to myself.

Here’s my truth –  if my mind is not 100% set on doing the right thing,  I could eat all day. I snacked all day today. My excuse was that I was so sleepy that I needed to snack to stay awake.  Mind you,  I also had breakfast,  lunch and 2 cups of coffee.

Call it by any name you want,  snacking, grazing, munching. But I have a hard suspicion that the real name for my behavior is gluttony.

A couple of days ago,  I saw a commercial on TV. They were selling a “graze box” filed with healthy snacks that you could eat throughout the day. On the surface, it sounds cool but what is really healthy about eating all day?

God did not design my wonderful body to have the same behaviors as a cow. There is something more to this. And I believe that a fast just may be in order very soon.


Ayoka Boyce is a published author (aka Nikki P. Serene), blogger, writing coach and Mentor. She is the founder of All Write RVA, a not for profit organization that promotes writing and literacy.

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