Dana Williamson

The All Write Book Blast presents author Dana Williamson, author of the Garden Experience.

Genre: Christian Fiction

dana willimasonAbout the Author

Dana Williamson is an Author and Lifestyle Counselor for B.A.D. Blessed, Anointed and Destined, LLC and Ministry leader for Faith Bureau of Investigations International Ministries. Ms. Williamson has been writing since junior high school including poetry, but only started publishing her works, for profit since 2009. She commonly refers to her Christian Fiction as Prophiction because of the prophetic release for the reader in the pages.

the garden experienceAbout the Book

Peter King and his wife, Jasmine (characters from Damia Willis, FBI series), are working for the Lord in their new assignment. Peter walked into his new assignment having to face resurrection, old friends, and past experiences. God chose Jasmine and Peter to help his chosen leaders together.



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David unwrapped the sword from the packaging they received from customs and pulled out the twin to the sword Damia was given a few months ago. Handing the sword to Peter, Dave stated, “Per Minister Dallas, God rest his soul, the etching of scripture on this sword is the same as the other sword, wherever that is but it is clearly written in detail here.”
“Yes, it’s Isaiah 54:17; we know it well and the other sword, Damia has.”
“Yes, Apostle, but this one has emphasis added; It says No weapon formed against US.” Dianne stated.
“Against US?” Jasmine stated looking at the sword with Peter, “Oh wow.” The battle is beginning, she thought to herself.
“Yes, ma’am.” Dianne said looking away holding back her emotions.
“We’re going to war; spiritually and naturally.” Peter stated.
“Yes sir, we are. Therefore, we’re here.” Dave said walking over to his wife, “We’re here to help, but we need to see the Bishop and his wife before they start their travels.”

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