I’m Gaining it All Back

I’m Gaining it all Back – 3 Reasons Why I Hated my Doctor…

The truth will make you free, but only if you want to know it. After 44 years of life on this earth, I think I am ready to know my truth.

You would not know it by looking at me now. Eight years ago, I had weight loss surgery. I have a lifelong struggle with obesity. I am tired of the up and down, 20 pounds down, 40 pounds up.

If you don’t know it, the process of getting weight loss surgery is supposed to take several months. You see nutritionists, have several ultrasound and x-ray’s, chart your weight loss with your primary care doctor and see a psychiatrist. Part of the plan is to learn a new relationship with food. Small portions, vitamins must be taken for life and your choices of food must be wise.

There are certain perks with working in a hospital. One of those perks is being squeezed in for appointments I called friends in every department. I shortened the process down from six months to about three weeks. The problem, I did not learn how to eat.

So, here I am. After losing about 150 pounds, I have gained most of the weight back. The flip side is that I still cannot eat large portions of food.

I decided, finally to see another weight loss doctor. I asked him to do another surgery because, obviously, the gastric sleeve no longer worked.

And here is why I hated my doctor

  1. He told me the truth about the surgery. “Ms. Boyce, after careful and through examination, I can tell you that your prior surgery is still effective. There are no blockages. Nothing is wrong with your surgery.”
  2. He told me the truth about me. “Your weight gain is because of you. Do you still eat fried foods? Do you take your vitamins? Do you exercise at all?
  3. He told me the truth about my future. “Ms. Boyce, I can schedule you for another surgery. But if you don’t get your life together, I will see you back here again in 4 years. I can guarantee that you will gain the weight back again.

Doc, you know what you can do for me, right? I stormed out of that office. I was livid.

And since that visit, I have gained another 20 pounds. And I realize, rather, I admit, that man told me the truth.

I want to be free, so now, I will embrace my truth. And I have so much to gain back. Today, even as I write, I gained the strength to know and accept the truth.

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